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How to measure a room for a carpet

Just follow Eazy Fit Floorings simple measuring tips below –

All you need is a tape measure, pen or pencil and paper to hand.

Firstly, draw a simple plan of the room to write your sizes on clearly.

When you measure a room, always measure from the furthest skirting board at the longest and widest points of the room remembering to measure into the door-way as the room will be slightly wider there. Also, take care to measure into any bay windows and door frames when measuring the length, as carpet should end under a door.

How to measure a room

Always add 5cm (2″) minimum to both the length and width of the carpet measurements.

Most carpets are 4 metres or 5 metres in width, if your room is slightly over this width don’t worry we can join the carpet professionally with heat seam tape.

When measuring your room, you should always ensure that you keep the flooring running in the same direction to maintain texture, pattern and colour consistency. If you change the direction then the pattern, texture and the pile of the carpet will reflect the light differently.


How to measure a Hall, Stairs & Landing for a carpet

Again you will need a tape measure, pen or pencil and paper to hand.

Firstly, draw a simple plan of the Hall to put your sizes on. Next, measure your hall as if it was a square room. Remember to measure into doorways and to maximum points in the hall.

Carpet fitting in Littlehampton

Make sure when measuring the landing that you measure from the threshold of the door across the landing and over the nosing down onto the first step.

Note were the stairs meet the hall.

Always add 5cm (2″) minimum to the length and width of the carpet measurements.




How to measure Stairs for carpet

Count and make a note of how many stairs there are. Next, measure the width and length of one step.Carpet fitters in Portsmouth

The most economical way to fit a stair carpet is to use the width of the carpet cut in strips down the length and fitted to the stairs with joins where the riser meets the step. Fitting in this way minimises wastage and ensures the pile runs in the same direction as the hall or landing, thereby avoiding shade variation.For ease, and if these are all the same, we just need this and the number of steps.

One of our qualified carpet estimators / fitter’s will be able to measure your hall, stairs and landing to minimise wastage and ensure a professional matched installation – especially if you are having a striped carpet and wish the pattern centralised on your staircase.


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