Subfloor Preparation

Sub-Floor Preparation

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Remove and smooth floors

It’s a well known fact that the longevity of any flooring installation – particularly when it comes to luxury vinyl flooring  is dependent on the quality of the sub-floor.

More often than not we find ourselves more concerned with the final result, and so may spend too little time ensuring the sub-floor preparation is perfect prior to installing your much loved new flooring.

If you’re not laying Luxury Vinyl Flooring over your existing flooring, be sure to check that there are no traces of any adhesive residues. It’s very important that before you apply any of your smoothing compound or begin screeding, there are no obvious bumps or lumps in the sub-floor, this is simply to ensure a smooth as possible finish so you have a level flat vinyl.

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Sub-floor Moisture reading Bognor Regis

Check the moisture level

LVT products must be installed on sub-floors with moisture levels below 75% relative humidity (RH). If your hydrometer reading is above 75% RH, regardless of whether the floor is old or new, it’s imperative that you install a surface damp proof membrane (DPM).

Wooden sub floors –  we recommend the use of a minimum 6 mm flooring grade plywood meeting the requirements of the CFA Guidance Note:-Plywood for Overlaying Suspended Floors, (soon to be included as Annex C in BS 8203)  as acceptable for use with many LVT products. It is incumbent upon the installer to verify this compliance through either independent certification or other means. It’s important to remember that plywood joints should be smoothed over using skim coat or a full coat of fibre reinforced smoothing compound.

Concrete sub-floors

If you’re installing any type of high quality design flooring on either a new or old concrete sub-floor, as mentioned already, it is essential to conduct a professional moisture test to ensure the levels are no higher than 75%RH.

If moisture levels are too high and you do not have sufficient time to allow the area to dry out naturally, then please ensure you install a surface damp-proof membrane. If RH readings are suitable for installation and the surface has been primed, apply a compatible smoothing compound to a minimum of 3mm depth.


Choosing the right smoothing compound is very much dependent on the kind of project (residential, commercial, retail etc), its size and the time you have to do it. If prepared and installed correctly, this thin top layer will ensure that your floor copes easily with the hardwear it’s put through. As such, it’s important to consider conditions like ventilation, humidity etc, installation specifications, as well as the curing times.

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They are all awesome people

What can I say, you guys are without doubt the best fitters in Bognor Regis by far, we we’re quite nervous with choosing a carpet fitter due to the cost of our carpet from another company, I just cant thank you enough for the professional service you have provided and how beautiful our living room looks.

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Thank you so much for helping us to choose the right vinyl for our kitchen, the service was very professional from stat to finish. We we’re shocked at how quickly you supplied and fitted the Vinyl. We have been recommending you to all our friends and family, thank you.

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Thank you for the amazing job you did on our hallway, stairs and landing. The overall workmanship is the best I have seen in our house, a professional service from start to finish and much cheaper than we paid previous companies.

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